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Hi! I’m Kaycee- a 20 year old student, runner, blogger, and health/fitness lover :)

A little background…

I really started to get into health and fitness back in my freshman year of high school, which is when I got serious about cross country and running. However, during my junior year, an injury in my tibia as well as the stress of applying to college caused me to start unhealthy habits such as eating more junk food, becoming more sedentary, etc. Senior year I discovered healthy living blogs and fit bloggers on Tumblr and I haven’t turned back! Since doing so, I’ve learned so much from other bloggers and have gained so much insight on health, food, and fitness.

So what are my goals?

My goal is NOT to lose weight or anything like that. Currently, my goal is to get into the best shape I possibly can. In translation, I mean I want to get LEAN and TONED.

How do I plan to achieve my goal?

It’ll be a slow and steady process but my plan is to EAT CLEAN and EXERCISE CONSISTENTLY. I also want to build more muscle and cut down my body fat a bit, so I’m planning on eating more protein and veggies and eating every 3 hours. Also, I often have trouble controlling my proportions [because I love food- let’s face it, who doesn’t], so this is something else I need to work on. 

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