Today’s Eats (minus dinner)

Breakfast: banana+blackberries+plain, nonfat greek yogurt+ handful of salt and pepper pistachios (so freaking addictive!)

Snack: a LOT of salt and pepper pistachios [so addictive I ACTUALLY need to stay away from them…]+ a sugar free chocolate pudding cup for something sweet

Lunch: Dumplings+ sweet potato+ broccoli with sweet soy sauce. +more dumplings and sweet potato

Workout: took my dog for a walk this morning. Then I went for a short run and did THIS circuit workout [minus the side plank hip lifts because I suck at them]

Gonna keep dinner light due to the amount of pistachios I consumed today…

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Red lipss. Didn’t think it would look good, but…success!
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I’m so screwed for my finals tomorrow. Organic chemistry and ecology, kill me now. Can’t concentrate so I’m fooling around on photobooth. Typical. Anyone else out there have a final tomorrow?? Let’s suffer together….on second thought, I always have my hood on in the library. So getto lol
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mad studying for finals right now….
Food Journals

I should start keeping one just to see my eats throughout the day.


Breakfast: vegan banana pancakes for one-

[in case you missed my post earlier today] BTW you guys should all follow me on Instagram- @kayceface

That picture above is a stack of yummy vegan banana pancakes for one, recipe found HERE topped with 1/2 a banana and 2 TB of chocolate PB2- yummy and filling!

Lunch: A BIG veggie hummus wrap on a whole wheat wrap filled with spinach, roasted red pepper, hummus, carrots, and cucumbers.

Snack: big Gala apple

Dinner: Hearty bowl of vegetable soup packed with edamame, egg plant, tomato, potatos, carrots, onions, etc…ended the night with another juicy Gala apple!

I usually eat much MUCH more than today, but today I was just super busy finishing final projects and dealing with finals that I barely had time to sit down and eat! [Other than breakfast, which was both hastily made and eaten]. Still, I felt strangely full today.

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Next semester I’m going to get back to cooking consistently like I did this summer [which is when this photo was taken]. For now I just need to get through finals, lol! But I have been eating pretty healthy lately. 
For instance, yesterday’s eats:
Breakfast- nonfat coffee, a bottle of Odwalla Original Superfood Drink, a bag of salt and pepper pistachios
Lunch- Yummy salad with spinach, cherry tomatos, steamed broccoli, edamame, tofu, and a light raspberry vinaigrette
Snack: more pistachios [portioned!] 
Dinner- a Mediterranean vegetable bowl with brown rice, eggplant, tomato, and some other veggies, some strawberry banana smoothie [also Odwalla] 
Breakfast: nonfat Hazelnut coffee, 1/2 banana, 1/2 a HUGE veggie hummus wrap with whole wheat wrap.
Snack: rest of the banana
Lunch: the other 1/2 of the veggie hummus wrap
Snack: veggies+brown rice
Dinner: To be determined…I’m feeling something full of veggies though. Hmm maybe craving veggies so much this lately means I’m lacking them?
Anywho, I have no groceries really so maybe I’ll swing by a local grocery store and grab some stuff to make dinner :)
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At Starbucks sipping a Superfood Odwalla drink and a Nonfat Grande Americano spiced with cinnamon dolce and vanilla :) Need to get some real food in me right now but I just dunno what…
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December Goals
1. Eat Clean. I want to try to cut out all of the unprocessed junk food and try to eat only whole foods this month! This means more cooking this month!
2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. With finals coming up, we’ll see if I can do this, but definitely getting more sleep makes me a more productive, happy, and healthy person!
3. Eat less sugar. This is a hard one, but sugar can really be addictive sometimes. For December I think I’m going to stick with natural sugars from fruits and that’s about it.
4. Stop snacking so much. Even though there are contrasting views on snacking (i.e. some say that snacking throughout the day is better for your metabolism versus others who say that it is better to have set meals planned) I feel like it is better for me when I have 3 meals because whenever I snack I usually snack on junk.
5. Eat until I am 2/3 full. I hate the feeling of feeling so full you cannot move. I actually am more satisfied with the food I eat if I do not eat a ton of it. But sometimes gluttony can get the best of us, which is why I’m going to try to eat only until I am satisfied.
6. Eat slower. I am definitely one of those people that scarfs down their meals no matter how hungry or not I am. Not the best of habits, but it’s never to late to make a change!
7. Be more active. That doesn’t necessarily mean working out every single day, which would be ideal, but right now time doesn’t allow for that. I mean move around even when I feel lazy, or just do little things to make myself more active.
8. Ace my finals! This one is a big one this month, as my first final is in 8 days and the rest are in 12 days! Gotta get a move onnn.
9. Don’t eat so close to bed time. Again, this is a controversial topic, as some say it doesn’t matter whether or not you eat right before you go to sleep; it is the overall amount of daily caloric intake that affects weight gain. But for me personally, I hate the feeling of waking up in the morning right after eating really close to bed time. I get indigestion, bloating, and I just feel crappy.
10. Eat intuitively. When I am hungry, I should eat, when I am not hungry I will not eat. Sometimes it’s hard for me to eat intuitively just because a lot of times stress and other emotions get in the way, and I use eating as a coping mechanism. But I really want to change that this month.
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total bum status in the library. in need of some serious motivation to do work…
A Healthy Pact

Hey guys, so I wrote this [partially as a joke, mostly serious] for me and my friend. Whenever we are together, all we want to do is eat junk [and lots of it!], and that is basically what we did tonight. I always end of feeling gross and like I wasted a bunch of time. Enjoy!


I, FILL IN YOUR NAME HERE, solemnly swear that I will eat clean and exercise from today, November 26, 2012 on. I will eat 3 square meals and with small snacks in between if necessary. I will not “restaurant hop” unless it is a SERIOUS SPECIAL OCCASION. I will stop buying crappy food from Wollaston’s, which, by the way, is also expensive. I will cook for myself as much as I can, and when time does not permit, I will try to eat the healthiest I can. I will give into cravings when necessary, but I will MODERATE the amount I have. I will try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, even if it means dancing in the shower [but try not to slip and fall or else you will become a vegetable…]. I will try to remember to drink lots of water and get an adequate amount of sleep. I will keep busy by being productive, which will keep my mind off of eating unnecessarily. When the desire strikes to eat when not hungry, I will do something FUN [insert fun ideas here]. I will eat well, sleep well, exercise well, and overall FEEL GREAT.



Late Night Vent

So I just got back from a “date” with this guy who i’m really iffy about. On one hand, I know he really likes me, and he’s tried to kiss me multiple times. He’s really smart, pretty decent looking, respectful, etc. Pretty much, he looks really good on paper. Also, we had some pretty good chemistry goin on before, but now I’m thinking that’s only because I was being flirty with him. he’s really nice to me but also kinda a douchebag without really knowing it. As in, he’s always like, what can i do to make more girls like me etc, and I really have no answer for him. I mean, that’s kinda a turn off saying that you basically have no game. Ugh just so frustrated because now I basically have zero feelings for him but don’t really know how to tell him…why is it that all the guys who like me I could care less for? Why don’t I just have the guts to be initiative with a guy I’m crushing on. This is seriously why I will be #foreveralone. Okay, rant over.

legit in love with my new sunglasses

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studying it up in the library with some mango green tea :) #soproductive 
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I feel so studious studying in bed…ignore my makeup-less/tired face. It’s gonna be a looong night!
Underwear Run Shape up

So there’s this annual underwear run at my school, and I really wanna look good for it! I did really well last week in terms of working out and eating clean, but the weekends are def. my downfall. This weekend, I ate waay too much chocolate and chips :( and I’m sad to say this morning I got a little junky as well. I guess I just had to get it outta my system, lol! But seriously, clean eats from now on. I may get off track sometimes, but it’s getting back into the swing of things that’s really important! I’m gonna stash the chocolate for awhile, lay off the chips, and focus on REAL food- veggies, fruit, whole grains, lean meats, tofu, etc! Oh, and lots of water!