Banana Berry Tofu Protein Smoothie!

Hello lovely followers! I feel like I haven’t been on Tumblr for awhile now, but I guess life can do that to you. But I’m back for a reason, and here it is:

Banana Berry Tofu Protein Smoothie Recipe


1/2 cup silken firm tofu (this is what MAKES this smoothie recipe creamy and protein packed)

1 banana (preferably ripe)!

1 cup frozen berries (important that the berries are frozen so that the smoothie will be nice and cold)

1-2 large handfuls of spinach

a little under 1 cup almond milk (I used unsweetened vanilla)


Add everything into a blender (I used my Magic Bullet) and blend, blend, blend!

Ohmygosh guys this smoothie is freaking delicious, I PROMISE YOU. No additional sweetener needed, as the sweetness from the banana is enough. Also vegan and can be changed up pretty easily. It’s got your protein, vegetables, fruit, calcium- WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE. Plus, it’s perfect after a nice long run or gym session, which is where I just came from :) I promise I’ll update this blog more often, because I’ve found lots of great, healthy recipes that I’ve tried out just for all ya’ll!


Vegetable noodles with kale pesto…RECIPE

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Snack-tip: just stick celery sticks in a jar filled with an inch (2,5 centimeters) of peanut butter for an easy snack on the go.
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Or the lazy cooking version for a whole grain pizza:


Suggestions of easy meals for lunch
- 3 small tomatoes, 1/2 sliced cucumber, 2 small tangerines, 1 home-made protein bar, 1 cup of soy yogurt with a few almonds and oats, water
-  2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 sliced cucumber, a few almonds, 1 big apple, 1 whole-wheat tortilla with salad and humus, green tea
- 1 small can of tuna (in water), 1/2 avocado, 1 cup of salad, 1 whole-wheat tortilla, 1 banana, green tea
- 1 home-made healthy cookie, 1/2 sliced cucumber, a few almonds, 1 small tangerine, 1 cup of fat free Greek yogurt with frozen berries, green tea

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Easy meal idea: microwaved eggplant with cottage cheesePierce the eggplant several times with a fork or a toothpick. Place the whole eggplant (do not cut it) on a plate and put it in the microwave for 10 minutes on full power (900 watts). 
Let the eggplant cool a bit, cut it in half, add low fat cottage cheese, slices of tomatoes or basil leaves as you wish, a bit of olive oil, season with salt and pepper.  Nutritional values: about 150 calories for the whole dish |  6g of fat | 15g of protein | 17g of carbs. 
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New Recipe on Raw vegan gluten-free guacamole wrap


Cauliflower crust

As some of you have been asking for the cauliflower crust recipe, I decided to write it down; I hope this helps.

1) These are the ingredients I used: cauliflower, eggs, carrots and parsley. Of course you can skip the carrots or the parsley or even add other things.
2) Shred the cauliflower, watch out for your fingers, it might hurt a little.
3) Shred your carrots and add them.
4) Cut the parsley to tiny pieces, add eggs, salt and pepper.
5) Mix everything well!
6) Get your pan and heat up some oil – I used olive oil.
7) Fill the mixture inside of the pan, disperse it a little and put the top back on the pan.
8) Wait about 8 minutes. As long as your cauliflower crust roasts, you can make a nice cup of tea and cut all other ingre
dients that you want to put on top of your crust, be creative, everything is possible and absolutely delicious!

9) Flip your crust -  It might be difficult and about to break – try to use a plate to flip it. Once you’ve managed this, let it roast on the other side for some more minutes.
10) Now decorate it with anything you want and enjoy this healthy heaven!

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Tonight’s lovely dinner


As a college student time and money are both valuable and sparse for me but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat great healthy food! Although I believe that food & nutrition is one of the most important things to spend your budget on, eating healthy CAN fit in absolutely any budget. All these meals are healthy, (mostly) vegetarian, filled with protein, easy to make and incredibly affordable! Best of all, they don’t taste like health food, they just taste good!

For more 15 minute meal ideas go here! :)

cheap, easy, and healthy

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Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie Recipe | Tara Stiles Eats

Want a healthy and delicious treat? Tara Stiles’ strawberry shortcake smoothie gives you a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweets craving! Enjoy this refreshing smoothie as a snack or dessert; it’s like strawberry shortcake in a glass!

“It’s so good, it tastes like cake; and it’s healthy, and you can have it all the time!”


holy yums!!

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Tomato-Beet Salad - this looks beautiful and PACKED full of flavor and nutrients. Yum!
Recipe Link:
Click here for more healthy recipes!


Today I had cookies for breakfast. (What?! I thought you were trying to be healthy?) Well, I am and these are! They’re “cookies” made from just bananas and oats - so simple! No sugar, no flour, no eggs… thank you to The Burlap Bag for creating these! I love having these in the kitchen because I eat them for breakfast or as a snack and I don’t feel guilty for eating five. (That’s about half a banana and a third-ish cup of oats? Maybe? You get the point.)

This morning I was racing against the clock and rushed making these so I literally only used 2 ingredients. But before I’ve added chocolate chips and have since then started a list of different cookie combos I want to make. What is/are your favorite kind(s) of cookies? I want to add some of your favorites to my list. :)

Helpful tips:
Make sure your bananas are ripe! // The first time I made these I was so anxious to try this recipe but my bananas weren’t ready so it tasted a bit off.
You may need to add more oats. // This depends on the length of your bananas so adjust accordingly if the consistency seems too wet.
Add vanilla extract. // If the taste is too plain for you, vanilla extract can help add more flavor.

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Vanilla Cinnamon Banana Protein Pancakes! 
3 tbsp oat flour 
1 medium ripe banana (mashed)
 2 tbsp vanilla whey (optimum nutrition)
 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
 1 extra large egg white
 2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk 
1/2 tsp baking powder 
1 tsp raw stevia 
1/2 tsp of psyllium husk (optional)
Cook on medium low heat. Makes 10-12 small pancakes. These were my post-leg workout meal! 
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Recently discovered this awesome PB banana cookie/bar recipe that’s easy, delicious, and healthy!
I doubled the ORIGINAL RECIPE  to make bars instead of cookies.
The original recipe calls for:
1/2 banana [mashed]
4 TB pb flour [I used PB2]
1 TB milk [I used almond milk]
1 egg white
2 packets of stevia
[i added in cinnamon for extra spice]
Directions: mix all ingredients together and preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Grease a pan [I used Pam] and drop the batter by the spoonful. [Since I doubled the recipe, I simply poured all of the batter into the pan]. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until fully cooked.
Here’s the stats on these babies:
The original recipe makes 7 cookies at about 18-20 calories each.
For the entire recipe:

*I doubled the recipe, so the entire thing clocked in at 246 calories, and I ate the entire thing! I separated the pan into 64 little squares :D